Heathfield Primary School

Art & Design Curriculum

As a school we recognise the important role that Art has in inspiring children to become confident, creative and enquiring individuals. All children have access to Art, through ‘Expressive Arts’ in the Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1 and 2.

From years 1 to 6, year groups follow the Heathfield School planning document that maps the children’s progression of skills throughout their primary school life. Skills may be taught through topic work or as separate blocks. This long term plan is often tailored to cross-curricular themes or the interests of the children. Throughout the school we often use children’s ideas as starting points for their creative learning. We believe this gives children purposeful learning opportunities to excite and engage. Children are given the opportunity to work in a variety of ways as and when appropriate, ie, as individuals, in groups or as a whole class. They also access a range of media and experiences.