Heathfield Primary School

Our Philosophy

Heathfield Primary School offers a rich and challenging curriculum to academically motivate our children. We expose our students to a broad range of intellectual experiences and help students build a foundation of skills and knowledge that serve as a lifelong base for independent thinking, problem solving, creativity, and wise decision making.

Our curricular philosophy is based on our understandings about student learning, the pedagogies we practice in response to these understandings, the way we assess learning, and the qualities of character we encourage our students to develop, as well as the skills and content more commonly associated with “curriculum.” Our curriculum is a designed continuum of developmentally appropriate learning experiences across all Year groups.

We believe that students learn best when their ideas, skills, and experiences which are reinforced across the curriculum and throughout their life at Heathfield Primary School.


We believe that the learned processes and strategies needed to accomplish a task are an essential part of our connected curriculum and should be taught explicitly. Skills are integrated into the curriculum in a spiralling model, where they advance sequentially in a coordinated fashion across subjects from year to year. Students demonstrate their skill competencies at developmentally appropriate points throughout their life with us.

Our understandings of how students learn, including research on learning styles, mandate that teachers are constantly learning and developing ways in which students understand, acquire, and organise new knowledge. Using skills in multiple disciplines reinforces students’ prior learning and allows them to access and express their own understanding. Teachers demonstrate, teach and assess skills. The skills that students acquire at Heathfield, serve as tools for lifelong learning.

Our curriculum encourages students to develop a sense of responsibility for the local, national, and international community in which they live. It instills a habit of thinking beyond one’s immediate self-interest and of evaluating a course of action in the light of its impact on the well-being of other people and the natural environment.

Independent Thinking and Learning

Heathfield Primary School believes that students should be taught to think and learn independently in order to gain the competence and confidence necessary to be lifelong learners and strong, courageous human beings. We have adopted the EYFS philosophy from Nursery through to Year 1, enabling our students to secure the foundations needed to create confident independent learners. These skills then continue to grow throughout their primary education at Heathfield.

Our staff are committed to teaching students the skills that are essential to identifying problems and to discovering creative, informed solutions to them. They teach students the skills needed to structure their learning throughout their lives. Students learn to develop a process for discovery, knowing that the path is not always direct.

Our curriculum teaches students to question existing norms and to think from another’s perspective; it provides them with opportunities to apply existing knowledge and tools to unfamiliar problems and to react effectively in novel situations.

Students learn when to seek guidance, the value of collaboration, and how to be open to constructive criticism. We believe that a student who takes responsibility for structuring and assessing their own learning are more likely to have a deeper understanding of what they have learned and a foundation of skills and knowledge to serve as a lifelong base for independent thinking.