Heathfield Primary School

MFL Curriculum

At Heathfield School we endeavour to develop a love of languages through the teaching of a modern foreign language (MFL) in a fun and enjoyable way.

We believe

‘Languages are a vital part to ensuring that pupils are prepared for the world around them. We believe in providing our pupils with an international dimension to their learning which enables them to learn about different countries and cultures and empowers them to see the world as responsible global citizens.'

From September 2017 Mandarin will be the MFL taught in school. Each pupil will have a half an hour lesson per week, and lessons are taught by the director for languages who is a languages specialist, with further support from links with local secondary schools. Children not only learn the language but are also taught about the culture of the country.

Aims and Objectives


  • Develop the correct pronunciation of phonics
  • Develop secure oracy
  • Develop an understanding of correct literacy grammar
  • Have an understanding of the  Culture