Heathfield Primary School

Yvette Fielding Visit to Heathfield

We are very excited that we will be welcoming Yvette Fielding into our school on Tuesday 19th November 2019. Yvette is an ex Blue Peter presenter, a broadcaster of the worldwide show ‘Most haunted’ and author of ‘Archie the Ghost Hunter and the Rising’. 

Yvette Fielding’s first novel was only published in September 2019! We are very lucky to be visited as part of her book tour.

Book reviews include: ‘Surprising and suspenseful, gripping and intriguing! Highly recommended – 5 star!’ from a blogger and author. Reviews also say, ‘The book is very dramatic with scenes that have you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails. And the scenes of love and happiness too. This story is full of imagination and wonder and I think the author did well executing the final scenes so well. Writing style is perfect for the younger generation but for us adults too who like a nice easy read and a story we can get lost in. And I’m warning you all... you won’t be able to put this down!!!’

Yvette will be working with children in Years 4, 5 and 6, running the following workshops:

Year 6 -Reading session where Yvette will read an extract of her book to the pupils followed by a Q&A session 

Year 5 - A writing exercise where pupils will get into pairs/threes and have a spoken conversation with one playing the role of an interviewer and one in the role of Archie. They will be able to practise turn taking, focused questioning and formal responses to questions. They will then be given the chance to transfer the conversation to paper, where they will then be able to insert the visual aspects of a newspaper article into their work.

Year  4 - A role play session where pupils will be given the opportunity to dress up like the different characters, and re-enact the events which they have previously read with Yvette, exploring their own interpretations of the extract and how characters may have acted and what they may have done.

Children will have the opportunity to purchase her new book, either signed or unsigned, on the day of Yvette’s visit. If you would like your child to purchase a book on the day, please complete the order from overleaf and return to the school office with the cash payment.

We can’t wait to share lots of photographs of the visit with you!