Heathfield Primary School


Reading is a fundamental part of our children’s learning and here at Heathfield 

we are always looking for ways to engage our children in reading 

for pleasure and encourage a greater love for books.




In the first week of December, Heathfield will be holding, 

“A Non-fiction November – sponsored READ-A-THON competition”.  

This is the perfect opportunity for your children to read as many non-fiction books as they can in a set time at school.

The sponsor form is attached at the back of this letter and it would be so great if you, family and friends were to encourage the children to read as many books as they could during the competition.

Class teachers will share further information of exactly when the read-a-thon will be held – for each class - but in the meantime, if you could get the children to get as many sponsors as possible – that would be great!

All sponsor money raised will be used to further improve your children’s reading opportunities in the classrooms and in our wonderful Heathfield School Library.

We anticipate your continued support for the children and Heathfield School.

Thank you.

Happy Reading and Remember, Remember It’s Non-fiction November.