Heathfield Primary School

School Direct Open Day

school direct od h 2020

What we have planned:

  • An introduction to the PACT and our schools
  • Meet senior leaders to learn about the schools vision and values
  • Information exhibition:
    • Refreshments with NQTs and teachers
    • Behaviour and pupil wellbeing and Inclusion
    • PE and school sport
    • Professional Learning and Development
    • Books and Tapestry led by the children
    • Pupil Voice
    • The School Direct year
  • Tour of the school
  • Q&A

The open day will commence at 9.30am and finish at 11.30pm. Refreshments will be provided from 9.15am in the Training Hub. If you would like to book a place, please contact the main school office on 0121 464 6474 by Friday 6th March 2020.

Please note you will be asked to provide a contact number and an email address upon booking a place. This is so that we can contact you in the unlikely event that any changes need to be made to the day. We will not retain this information without your prior consent.