Heathfield Primary School



At Heathfield we are committed to ensuring that we induct pupils through a carefully organised process making sure that pupils settle happily and make a good start.

There is an admissions policy outlining in detail how to apply for a place and this is in line with the Local Authority guidelines and can be found here.

The school can admit sixty children in any year group. In the event of being over subscribed i.e. an excess of 60 children, the school is unable to allocate further places. In order to apply for a place at Heathfield School you will need to collect an application form from the main reception desk.

Places are allocated according to the authority published criteria.

The criteria are as follows:

  1. Children with brothers or sisters already at school who will still be at Heathfield when they start school themselves.
  2. Children who live nearest to the school by straight line measurement.

The arrangements for children who transfer from another school to Heathfield are as follows:

  1. Once the decision to transfer to Heathfield has been made, a start date for your child(ren) will be established. Details of previous school will be taken so that records can be passed on.
  2. To assist with your son’s/daughter’s transfer, parents and children will have the opportunity to view the school at work and meet their new teacher. Appointments will be made by the School Secretary.

Children with disabilities are admitted following an assessment of their needs. All children should have access to the curriculum to the maximum degree ensuring that the risk of any child being treated less favourably is minimised.

We are an over subscribed school and are full in many year groups, if this is the case when you apply for a place you will be placed on a waiting list and we will inform you when a place becomes available.

If you would like to seek more advice please feel free to come and talk to our Office Manager or alternatively you may wish to contact the Admissions and Appeals department at Birmingham City Council, telephone number: 0121 308 1888.