Book in a box! Reading Competition


Reading is a fundamental part of our children’s learning – so here at Heathfield we are always looking for ways to engage our children in reading for pleasure and encourage a lasting love for books.

After the huge success of our last competition – we are launching our new competition – which is called: A BOOK IN A BOX.

The children will need to choose a book that they have read and has inspired them. They will then design a box (decorate and fill a shoe box with clues about the story). Then once all the entries are in, the children will give a presentation about the book to their peers… The best part will be if the other children can guess which book has been represented in the box.

The children will be required to be able to give clues to their peers about their ‘book in a box’. The class teachers will then select a winning entry that is creative as well as informative.

Teachers have already shared some information with your children about what they could do and how it can be made.

Please encourage your children to take part in this competition and maintain a high level of presentation in all that they produce. 

The deadline for all entries is: Monday 1st July 2019. The winners will then be announced before we break up for the summer holidays.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Happy Reading and Boxing it up!