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Dear Parents and Carers,

This year we have created year group summer learning overviews with targeted activities for your children, but we are also sharing these general ideas with more to do if the children complete those. There is also some information on community activities over the break. We hope you have a wonderful summer and support your child to keep their minds ticking over with some of these fun activities. See you in September.

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Summer 2022 Learning Overviews

Summer Learning

Summer Learning (L)
Summer Learning (M/H)

Year 1
Summer Learning (L)
Summer Learning (M/H)

Year 2
Summer Learning

Year 3
Summer Learning 

Year 4
Summer Learning

Year 5
Summer Learning
Activity: Invisible Ink
Activity: Leakproof Bag
Activity: Lava Lamps
Activity: Rainbow Science 

Year 6
Summer Learning


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